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Q1. What is Ghost of the Forest?

A1. Ghost of the Forest is a puzzle-filled adventure game following the story of Little Leaf, a Native American teenager sent into the wilderness on a Vision Quest. Gather rare ingredients and craft potions to gain access to the sacred Spirit World. Use abilities granted by Spirit Animals to solve puzzles that bring you closer to understanding the true nature of the Spirit World and of yourself.

Q2. Who is Little Leaf?

A2. Play as a Native American teenager Little Leaf, named for his uncanny ability to locate prime samples of herbs deep in the forests of the Rocky Mountains. Little Leaf’s nickname was given to him for his ability to find smallest and freshest plant leaves when taking trips into the wilderness with his father, preparing for the cold winter seasons.

Q3. What is the Spirit World?

A3. Gather rare ingredients found in the forest to craft potions that will guide Little Leaf into a mysterious Spirit World. Discover shrines and solve puzzles to gain magical animal-inspired powers that will help Little Leaf in both the Spirit World and the real one.

Q4. What is the official release date for Ghost of the Forest?

A4. Ghost of the Forest is currently in an early developmental stage and does not have a scheduled release date. Check back frequently for progress updates via our Devlog.

Q5. What game engine is Ghost of the Forest being developed on?

A5. Ghost of the Forest is being developed in Unreal Engine 4.

Q6. What does the big tree represent in the Teaser Trailer?

A6. The big tree in the teaser trailer represents one of the sacred sites in the game. Little Leaf can explore any sacred site in both the normal world and the Spirit World. 


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